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Sex Toys – A History Of Lust & Pleasure

From ages ago, homo sapiens have been using sex toys to gratify themselves and their partners. Phallic-shaped relics dating to as far as the Ice Age have been discovered by archaeologists, ancient Egyptian paintings of dildos dating 30,000 years back have been recorded, and a stone object aged 28,000 years old, which was incidentally well polished and shaped like a penis, was found in Germany.

Greeks and Romans in 500 B.C.E. - 400 B.C.E. were inventive with their sex toys. The Greeks used olisbokollix, which were breadstick dildos, and also covered them with animal leather and intestines for a natural feel. Romans were the creators of the double-ended dildo.

Penis extenders were first mentioned in the Kama Sutra during 300 C.E. and Ben Wa balls were invented in 500 C.E. The Chinese creatively used mirrors, cock rings and clitoral stimulators throughout their history to enhance their performance in bed.

BDSM was popularised in the 18th century and the first vibrator was debuted in 1869 by George Taylor, an American physician. During the 20th century, vibrators stopped being used as medical devices and gained their reputation as masturbation aids.

Lusty Benefits Of Sex Toys

Sex toys offer great benefits to both singles and couples. With the ease of ordering from online stores such as Ever Lust, there is no reason why anyone should not own at least a single dildo or Fleshlight, with the following additional benefits:

Improving satisfaction in bed

Although great sex shouldn't be based entirely on orgasms, it can feel frustrating if your partner has achieved climax but you haven't. It might be even worse if you constantly face the situation where you can't get your partner to the peak. Sex toys such as dildos with clitoral stimulation or a cock ring to prolong erections more often than not can help to rectify the issue.

Creating experimentation and exploration

If your sex life is always the same old routine of taking off your clothes and then jumping straight into a missionary position, sex toys can provide the much needed fun in your relationship for experimenting with something new. Try nipple clamps or anal beads to see how you and your partner would like it. For singles, a sex toy allows you to explore your own body and discover what works best for your pleasure.

Opening up conversation and communication

Maybe you need to have both clitoral stimulation and penetrative sex to achieve orgasms. Maybe you need your partner to last longer in bed. No matter how delicate the subject could be, bringing in a sex toy to your relationship can help you to broach the issue with some humour.

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